Double glazed wooden window sashes

Replacing your old wooden window sashes with new ones is a great option if you want to keep the character of your home while still adding the thermal benefits double glazing brings.

Not to mention it's the more eco friendly option compared to uPVC and aluminum replacement.

We do not currently offer a fitting service, but can supply builders, glaziers, and anyone wanting to replace window sashes.

Contact us for more information or a quote.

What timber do you use?

Depedning on the window size, and budget, we use MicroPro H3.2 Pine, or Accoya.

Do you supply Dunedin only?

We can deliver window sashes anywhere in New Zealand, however the glazing side of things would need to be in your local area due us being unable to freight glass.

Can you do full window replacement (window frames and sashes) or new timber window joinery

Yes we can, get in in touch for a quote.